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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We mainly take care of accompanying our Partners in a "Guided Path" of approaching Business in the Sultanate territory, so that with our help and support, any investor can have the success he expect.

Commercial Construction

We create multi-storey buildings for commercial use, using various innovative technologies, but also adapting to the uses and customs of local building.

We always try to integrate our projects with the way of building of the place where we operate, safeguarding the architectural history of the country that hosts us.

Our projects are always conceived with local partners, so that we never lose the essence of the place where we make our buildings.

Our customers also embrace this philosophy, and are always enthusiastic about the results obtained.


Residential Construction

The residential sector is our "daily bread".

We specialize in both traditional and prefabricated construction. Made of wood, reinforced concrete and metal.

We can also construct buildings with ultra-fast processes and latest generation technologies, both built on site and pre-assembled.

We range from economic (social houses) to extra luxury, also with the adoption of customized / unique finishes and solutions for the customer.

The Villas sector is our preferred business, because with our skills, and the Italian Design into the projects, we can go far away from the concorrents.

The Villas sector is our favorite business, because with our skills, and the Italian Design in our projects, we can go much further than our competitors.

And this is a great strength for our success and that of our Partners.


Our local staff is mainly composed of engineers and experts in the construction phases.

For this reason we use the best local design studios for the preparation, filing and approval of projects at the Municipality.

All this, not before having prepared the projects, through our International Design Group, made up of over 30 architectural, engineering and design technical studios, equipped with over 350 professionals with international experience.

The result of excellence is our goal.


Special Projects

Challenges are always accepted.

It is with this spirit that we have introduced in our group of partners some specializations that few construction groups can offer.

We are talking about the design and construction of water parks, theme parks and motor racing circuits.

These three specialties are very complex to design and build: but we have everything you need, including over twenty years of experience in the various sectors.

That's why we like challenges!

Site Management

The ability to manage a construction site, especially in foreign countries that do not know each other, can sometimes become an insurmountable obstacle.

For this reason, our structure, made up of technicians who know the area in which they operate very well, can make a difference.

This is one of the strengths of our "Partnership Project", because it allows each Partner to ... sleep peacefully.

To the local experience of the technical staff we have combined the most modern management, control and verification procedures of the construction phases, so that nothing is left to chance.

Infrastructure Construction

We are very strong in the infrastructure sector.

In this particular sector of public construction, we can exhibit a long partnership with the best international construction companies, specialized in this specific sector.

Bridges, viaducts, tunnels, ports, airports, roads, highways, railway lines, subways, are all projects we have carried out around the world.

No project represents an insurmountable challenge for us.

Civil Engineering

This is one of the most important aspects for the management of a construction site.

And that is why we have taken care of developing it to bring it to excellence.

Our engineers cover all categories: from the foreman, to the contract engineer, passing through all levels of manager.

And where our staff does not arrive, we have active collaboration relationships with important international firms present in Muscat (also Italian-owned).

Landscape Construction

Finally, we also have a special department, specialized in landscape design.

Long experience and a considerable number of landscape achievements make this department one more arrow in our bow.

Of the more than 30 design firms we have mentioned, at least 5 have specialists in this area.

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