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Join the Success

We are looking for good investment partners

The secret of your and our success :

is that we do all the Real Estate Investment operations together with you.
Each project foresees
our active participation for a certainty of result.

With us every detail is planned.



We have prepared a magnificent revolving investment project on the Villas sector.

It is possible to start a project of 12 or 6 villas per year, with progressive and undemanding investments.

Construction projects can also be developed by several investors at the same time.


We have available some land with approved project for the construction of Hotels.

This is a segment that leads to very high profits, compared to other categories.


In these years and in the next, the Government has a great program for tourism that is a booming sector in the Sultanate.


It is the most requested building category.


We are talking about buildings intended for the local population, which is rapidly expanding and, consequently, the demand for apartments is always higher than the supply. A fabulous market sector.

We have some land with plans and others to be designed, in very attractive areas.


This is a highly sought-after category of buildings, as there are few under construction.

These are perfect investments for those who want to keep their real estate property and rent office space.

We have some very interesting opportunities in strategic areas.


This is the most built category.


Nevertheless it is still possible to be successful in this type of construction, both because there is a high demand for apartments, and because with us, you can carry out projects much higher than the average standards of the local market.

The shops on the ground floor can always offer a rental income.


We can propose various types of road works.


Considering that it is the international majors who take over the construction of the roads, we can manage many of the ancillary works in partnership with them.


There is only the embarrassment of choosing which city to operate in and on what type of works.

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