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Professional and Reliable Builders since 1988

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Building Is What We Do

OMAN R.E. and his Construction Partners, are Leaders in Quality Projects

Non-Residential Buildings

We create multi-storey buildings for commercial use, using various innovative technologies, but also adapting to the uses and customs of local building.

We always try to integrate our projects with the way of building of the place where we operate, safeguarding the architectural history of the country that hosts us.

Our projects are always conceived with local partners, so that we never lose the essence of the place where we make our buildings.

Our customers also embrace this philosophy, and are always enthusiastic about the results obtained.

Infrastructure and Roads

We are very strong in the infrastructure sector.

In this particular sector of public construction, we can exhibit a long partnership with the best international construction companies, specialized in this specific sector.

Bridges, viaducts, tunnels, ports, airports, roads, highways, railway lines, subways, are all projects we have carried out around the world.

We even design and build theme parks, water parks and motor racing circuits (with FIA registered designers).

No project represents an insurmountable challenge for us.

Govermental Works

We create multi-storey buildings for Governmental use/destination, using various innovative technologies, but also adapting to the uses and customs of local building.

We work through partners of excellence, because our local companies are still too recent to be able to access the assignments directly.

But this is only a technical, bureaucratic and legislative obstacle, because our international experience and our skills allow us to acquire and manage any type of order.

Furthermore, our direct import channels allow us to acquire even the most sought-after raw materials directly from Europe, Asia or the Americas.


Residential Sector


The residential sector is our "daily bread".

We specialize in both traditional and prefabricated construction. Made of wood, reinforced concrete and metal.

We can also construct buildings with ultra-fast processes and latest generation technologies, both built on site and pre-assembled.

We range from economic (social houses) to extra luxury, also with the adoption of customized / unique finishes and solutions for the customer.


Who We Are

About Our Group

OMAN Real Estate is the operating arm present in the Sultanate of Oman for the development of high standard real estate operations.

OMAN Real Estate has access to all the know-how acquired in 33 years of experience in the construction sector, where with all our partners we have carried out projects in over 22 countries, from the Americas to the Far East.

From today, all of our skills and experiences are placed at your disposal, to enter as easily and quickly as possible, in what is defined as the most emerging market in the entire Middle East.


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Projects Completed




Years of Activity

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OWNER - OMAN Real Estate

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Not only do we accompany you in the real estate investment sector, but we are also able to provide numerous other services.

Commercial Construction

Residential Construction


Site Management

Special Projects

Infrastructure Construction

Civil Engineering

Landscape Construction

What We do

Our Projects

Here below there are only some projects carried out directly or with some partners.

For more information ask for our broshure.

Our Clients and Partners

We believe each client or partner is a long term partnership

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